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Miracle Channel started broadcasting in 1996. Known for its faith-based programs, the station has become a household favourite for Christians across Canada.

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Corco is a channel designed for anyone looking for positive TV. Viewers can watch a variety of programs, including shows, movies and news commentary.

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Corco+ is an online streaming service made for Miracle Channel and Corco viewers. On the app, users can stream thousands of TV shows, movies and faith-based programs with a tap of a finger.

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Original Productions

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Why do we make original shows?

MCA Media wants to reach Canada with great programs. We cannot just use other people's content and air it. We knew we had to create our own original shows. And we have been doing that for years.

Return to Reason

Leon Fontaine

In this commentary-style program, Leon Fontaine shares a refreshing take on world events, culture, and issues of morality in a meaningful way. (<Taken from IG bio, but I added "Commentary style program" so as to not repeat "Return to Reason")

Behind the Scenes

Jeff Thiessen & David Craig

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The Spirit Contemporary Life

Leon Fontaine

Featuring the best of Leon Fontaine's weekly teachings, this daily program teaches you how to unleash the miraculous in your everyday world!

Bridge City News

Hal Roberts & Jeannette Rocher

Through the weekday morning and evening news broadcasts, communities in southern Alberta are hearing the truth about what's happening in the world.

Counter Culture

David Craig

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Zach Fontaine

Notes I found: reaching 20 some's (ages 18-30) aiming to help young Christians live their best life, an abundant life. Help Christians live the parts of the Christian walk they've been missing out on.

All In

eden shimoda

Join Eden Shimoda as she teaches from the Word and gives you practical tools and encourages you to be all in with Him. A life following Jesus is the most exciting and rewarding life there is!

Five in the Wild

Leon Fontaine, Jayden Shimoda, David Craig, Jeremy Prest, Austin Stannard & Zach Fontaine

5 in the Wild is a docusoap that follows businessman, pastor, and family man, Leon Fontaine as he takes his son and four sons-in-law away from the city for new adventures.

What it Takes

JaYden shimoda

What It Takes is a documentary series that follows Jayden Shimoda, who since childhood has longed to be a cowboy. The audience will be brought alongside Jayden to discover the actual complexities of What It Takes to be a real deal cowboy.


Who We Are

The Miracle Channel Association (CJIL-TV) began broadcasting in 1996 and has become much more than a TV station. The MCA Media Group was created to be an overarching umbrella company for its many initiatives. Over the years, the company has seen extensive growth in original productions and has launched a new TV channel, Corco, which is expected to see significant growth in distribution throughout 2023. The MCA Media Group is excited to embark on new opportunities and reach more Canadians with positive entertainment.

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Jeff Thiessen

Vice President


David Craig

Director of Programming and Development


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